As-Safi Octalogy. Sod. Book 20. Ep.28 (Sonnets 6,263 - 6,295)

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Жизнеописание Пророка Мухаммада (ﺹ) в стихах на русском языке
Профайл окталогии "Ас-Сафи" Шукура Тебуева
As-Safi Octalogy by Shukur Tebuev. Profile -
The text of the Octalogy is read by Khazrat Tebu, the author's son.
As-Safi Octalogy of the Russian poet and journalist Shukur Tebuev (Books 1–25, 27, 34 and 38 over 186,000 lines of poetry) approved by Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Coordination Center for Muslims of the North Caucasus and Mufti of Stavropol region Muhammad Rakhimov:
Book 20, Detection from As-Safi Octalogy in Russian State Library:

Sod is the Decathlon. In modern terms, this is a meeting of masters for superiority in the absolute championship of athletes. Where all the components, striving to achieve only one goal and implying the necessary level in many disciplines, should be honed. The biography of the Prophet of Muslims is a kind of decathlon of the Spirit, where the final result, consisting of many aspects of the general mosaic, is taken into account. The different directions and the most important highways gathered together should create a single universal plan for achieving the main goal — the creation of the Perfect Man, capable of achieving maximum success-happiness anywhere in Space-Time and possessing all the necessary knowledge, wisdom and ability for this. Such was the Prophet Muhammad at one time.

Жизнеописание Пророка Мухаммада в стихах

Книга 20-я "Выявление" окталогии "Ас-Сафи" Шукура Тебуева издана в 2018 году и хранится в Российской государственной библиотеке:

Она повествует о жизни Пророка Мухаммада (да благословит его Аллах и приветствует) на базе трудов Шейхуль-Ислама и Муфтия Мекки конца XIX века шейха Ахмада ад-Дахлана и Верховного Муфтия Сирии конца XX века шейха Ахмада Кафтару․ Произведение одобрено Председателем исполкома Координационного центра мусульман Северного Кавказа и Муфтием Ставропольского края Мухаммадом-хаджи Рахимовым:

As-Safi Octalogy. Part V. Book 20. Abyat 28,496 - 33,927. Жизнеописание Пророка Мухаммада (ﺹ) в стихах на YouTube

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Профайл окталогии "Ас-Сафи" Шукура Тебуева
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